John Wells’ adjustment to a cable budget for Southland isn’t a painless one.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva has some scoop on how Wells is dealing with budget cuts:

I wish we had more money,” Wells said. “I don’t’ want to sound upset about it,” he said. “We got to keep doing the show, and we are delighted that TNT stepped up and that have been very generous.  The reality is in the big difference between how you set up to do a show off the bat on cable and how you transition a broadcast show to cable. It’s new ground.”

That last bit makes total sense.  It’s got to be much more difficult to transition from a broadcast network budget to a cable network budget than just launching with a cable budget to begin with.   It’s hard to fault Wells for a little bit of poor-mouthing.

They’re trying to get creative with some of the casting, but thankfully our old friend Michael Cudlitz is already signed.

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