from our pal TVBill on Twitter:

Freshly renewed LEVERAGE up a tad last nite w/ 3.73 mil viewers, 1.1/3 A1849. DARK BLUE basically flat – now retains only 64% of LEV’s demo.

Leverage’s renewal never seemed in doubt.  Dark Blue is a different animal with a .7 A18-49 rating.  We don’t regularly see enough data to calculate renew/cancel indexes for cable shows, but based on limited data, I’d guess the .7 is in the range of bad news, or at the very least, on the bubble.  Last week, for the full week in primetime, TNT averaged a .8 rating with adults 18-49 so Dark  Blue was below last week’s average this week. That doesn’t mean it will be canceled, but it’s sure not a good indicator.

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