Who knows, maybe Dawn Ostroff at the CW was right to pass on Body Politic last year after all.  The Washington, D.C. themed edition of MTV’s Real World was the lowest-rated of the franchise.  Whether that was the location and the focus or just being an old and tired format remains to be seen, but MTV isn’t taking any chances.

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“What we decided to do with New Orleans was, essentially, do what we always do — find great cast members who are relatable to the audience and bring interesting stories with them. We have this guy, Knight, who was a hockey player and was addicted to painkillers. That’s a very relatable story to our audience — misuse of prescription medicine is a big thing out there. . . . This is a story they can relate to more so than a story about politics,” [said producer Jon Murray].

Murray’s being modest: Knight isn’t just a recovering pain-killer addict, he’s also “known for his promiscuity” while also “teaching hockey clinics to children” and “pursuing a marketing degree,” according to MTV’s news release.

Sad back story, sleeps around, loves children: The “Real World” trifecta!

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