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The good old days are right now at HBO where True Blood set another series high on Sunday with 4.3 (actually 4.272 for those who are counting) million viewers — it was a cram-packed episode too, next week could see, well, another series record.

Please note that HBO had been commonly tossing around a cumulative number that includes multiple airing of the episodes, but the 4.3 number is only for the initial airing at 9pm on Sunday.

James Hibberd reports that Hung (3.4 million) and Entourage (3.3 million) had their second-best numbers this season.   Since all three shows have already been renewed, there’s no need to get hung up on the numbers, but it’s still pretty good times for HBO.   True Blood’s season 1 DVD — which fell out of the weekly top 30 DVD sales for the first time since its released is still the top selling TV show DVD (by far) in 2009 and has sold nearly 1.2 million units and racked up almost $41 million in sales.

Coupled with the possibility that True Blood could set new series highs each week through the season two  finale, and decent numbers for Hung and Entourage, “It’s Not TV, It’s HBO”  means something again.

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