Sometimes the best thing about fame can be the fickle and fleeting nature of it!  Then again, if Kate decided to get a new hairdo and is spotted holding hands with David Letterman, all bets are off…

“Jon & Kate” was seen by 2.9 million viewers, down 31% from last week, which was down 41% from the ginormous 9.8 million season premiere.

Two sharp drops are expected given the show’s tabloid-fueled debut, though 2.9 a bit above the show’s fourth-season average. Leveling off higher is not unreasonable goal, and this is a pretty fast return to under 3s. Will the show keep dropping, or is this bottom?

Also: Showtime also had some good news. The second episode of “Nurse Jackie” was up 8% to 1.1 million viewers after last week’s record-setting premiere. The first week cumulative viewership for all airings of the “Jackie” premiere was 3.7 million


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