This is from a now abandoned Nielsen venture to try and track out of home viewing. It attracted only two clients before Nielsen shuttered it. Networks still want the numbers, but no one was willing to pay for the service.

[V]iewing outside the home boosts the total national TV audience by 2.6 percent, according to Nielsen’s final report from its co-branded Out-of-Home service with Integrated Media Measurement, which was suspended in November.

The report pulled together nearly a year’s worth of out-of-home viewing data (March-November 2008) collected from a panel of 4,700 equipped with smart phones loaded with specialized IMMI-tracking software.

Daytime and weekends, dayparts in which people were least likely to be at home, typically drew the largest out-of-home ratings, but weekdays 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. got the biggest lift at 6 percent.

TV programs that drew the largest out-of-home audiences were big sports events, some popular network prime-time programming such as Desperate Housewives and House, and broadcast network finales, such as Fox’s American Idol. For Fox, out-of-home viewing contributed a quarter of a rating point to the network’s overall ratings, for a 3.4 percent lift.

via MediaWeek.

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