More than a few emailers and commenters have asked about the ratings for FX’s new comedy Louie which airs first at 11pm on Tuesday (and premiered June 29).

Here are the average viewerships for those Tuesday Louie airings so far (no numbers for 7/20 as yet, and no adults 18-49 or other demo ratings yet):

June 29: 1.107 million
July 6: 718,000
July 13: 622,000

That’s not a great trend, but it’s hard to know what FX is looking for.

By comparison, here are some other FX show’s viewership the week of 7/19:

Rescue Me (Louie’s lead-in) Tuesday 10-11pm: 1.275 million

Vantage Point, Thursday 10-12pm: 645,000

Alien v. Predator: Requiem, Friday 9-11p, 711,000

Louie’s Sunday repeat the same week averaged 544,000 viewers.

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