Though its ratings aren’t what they were before the writer’s strike and subsequent scheduling issues caused an 18 month hiatus between season four and season, Rescue Me is still averaging 1.4 million viewers per week, and over 900,000 adults 18-49 per episode. The Tuesday 8/18 episode averaged  1.538 million viewers and was FX’s most-watched program for the week.

FX’s “Rescue Me” is set to end its run in 2011, 10 years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that provided the creative impetus for the series.

New Yorkshot drama from Sony Television will continue for 19 more episodes after the current season finale airs on Tuesday. It’s undetermined how the network will release the final shows, though most likely in two different seasons of 10 and nine episodes, or vice versa.

Production on the final episodes begins in September.

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Note,  per comments below, the show was actually renewed for an additional 18 episodes beyond the current season in February, but wasn’t given an end date, or the mysterious 19th episode.

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