Forbes’ Lacey Rose interviewed Southland creator John Wells and asked him a lot of questions about NBC.   Try as she might, she could not get him to say Jeff Zucker must die!   He made it clear that NBC in primetime isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago, but that’s old news.

He also talked about Southland on TNT, and how much they’ll have to reduce the show’s budget if TNT picks it up:

If TNT decides to pick up Southland for another season, you’ll have to shave the budget. What does that mean for the look and feel of the show?

We’ll have to make it for about 20% less, but at the same time the show is very efficient and we know how to do it. We wouldn’t have agreed to take it to TNT if we didn’t think we could actually deliver the exact same show for them. We did all of those budgets to figure out how we’d do it before we took the deal and I don’t think the audience will notice a difference at all.

His take on the industry, cable versus broadcast (and yes, NBC, lots of NBC)  is pretty interesting.  Read the whole interview.

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