Syfy has renewed Stargate Universe for a second season and Sanctuary for a third.   The new seasons of both are expected to debut next fall.  SGU just had its fall finale for season one recently and will return in April for the remainder of season one.   Both shows were given 20 episode orders.

SGU’s ratings haven’t been on fire, though it’s averaged 2.6 million when 7 day DVR viewing is factored in (it is averaging around  600,000 less in Live+SD viewing).

Syfy is on record of having trouble monetizing the DVR viewing, but the Stargate franchise is popular internationally and my guess is Syfy is getting it from MGM at an attractive rate.   There has been chronic criticism of the show, but at this point, mostly the chronic stuff is from some whining Stargate Atlantis fans who can’t get over the demise of SGA.

Everyone else who doesn’t like the show just doesn’t watch it rather than making a hobby out of constantly complaining about SGU like the rattled SGA and SG1 fans (I am not referring to all SG1 and SGA fans here, just the ones who’ve made a hobby of SGU bashing!).  Personally I don’t love SGU, but like most people, all that has resulted in is my not watching it.

Nonetheless, the whiners will get to another season’s worth of whining out of it (and of course, it’s great news for fans of the show).

Sanctuary has averaged 2.2 million viewers with live plus seven data factored in.

James Hibberd has an interview up with SGU producer Robert Cooper.

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