Perhaps a bit premature because the first half of season one of Stargate Universe doesn’t actually finish until next Friday, December 4.  But since there is no new SGU this week and since I saw some mutterings in the Twitter-verse that there was no comprehensive “ratings” info available, here’s a table with the household rating/share, 18-49 rating/share and average audience through last Friday’s episode, “Life.”

I’ll update it with the results for “Justice” somewhere around December 7.

Episode Date HH Rating/Share 18-49 Rating/Share Avg Audience (Millions)
Air Pt 1 + 2 (2 hours) 2-Oct-09 1.5/3 0.9/3 2.346
Air Pt 3 9-Oct-09 1.5/3 1.0/3 2.447
Darkness 16-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.9/3 2.099
Light 23-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.8/3 2.015
Water 30-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.8/2 1.974
Earth 6-Nov-09 1.1/2 0.7/2 1.626
Time 13-Nov-09 1.1/2 0.7/2 1.802
Life 20-Nov-09 1.2/2 0.8/3 1.891
Justice 4-Dec-09

As you can see, the show had its ratings and average viewers peak in the series second week on October 9, 2009.  Though average viewers have recovered the last two weeks from the lows on November 6, the overall trend for household rating, 18-49 rating and average audience  is still down.   The latest episode, “Life”, retained about 80% of the premieres household rating and viewers, and almost 90% of the 18-49 rating, and around 80% in all three categories versus the series highs October 9.

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All ratings above Live+SD (live viewing plus same day DVR viewing).

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