A new survey from E-Poll concludes, not surprisingly, that on-air promotion and word of mouth are the major ways people find out about new shows.  Reviews from critics were far less important, and even less important than that?  Blog posts!   I don’t take any personal offense to that because a.) it seems very likely true and b.) we don’t typically spend any time promoting new shows, instead just waiting until they air to comment on the ratings.

But here’s what they had to say about Internet promotions:

Current Internet promotions are largely ineffective, as the Internet falls far behind television as a source of new program awareness, at about 15% recall vs. 94% for TV ads.  Online advertisers have an opportunity to better engage potential viewers by discarding re-purposed 30-second spots and creating custom content that lives in the unique online environment.

Here’s the full list:

epoll survey

(METHODOLOGY: This online survey was conducted among a nationwide, representative sample of 1644 individuals age 13 – 54. The margin of sampling error at 95% confidence for aggregate results is +/- 3%. Sampling error is larger for subgroups of the data. The survey was fielded May 21 – 26, 2009.)

Someday DVR and VOD will be a bigger promotional vehicle for new shows

Although outside of the people who write press releases, the TV industry is generally fearful of the impact of DVR and other technology, the E-Poll survey concludes that when it comes to watching new shows, people who use DVRs and Video On-Demand  are much more likely to check out new shows.  Nearly twice as likely as non-users, according to the survey.  E-Poll views that as a major opportunity when it comes to marketing of new shows.  While I generally agree, right now it seems there are too few DVR users (and far fewer VOD users) to make much of a dent, particularly when it comes to broadcast shows.  But we have seen cable networks  over the last couple of years  premiere shows first on VOD ( Showtime and Nurse Jackie, for example)

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