After 12 “episodes” the Scripted Cable Renew/Cancel Status has been canceled.  It debuted on November 7, 2012 and the list that “aired” on February 23 was its finale.

I know what you’re thinking.  This: “I read it. All my friends read it. Your stats system must be antiquated!”  And this: “TV by the Numbers never loved that list and didn’t want it to succeed. They launched it on a Saturday. A SATURDAY! C’mon!”

Kidding aside, our tracking isn’t antiquated and is pretty much exactly the “full census” measurement that many fans clamor to see utilized for TV shows. Sadly, even with a full census data the poor performers still get canceled.  I launched it on Saturdays so I could give it extra “promotion” by featuring it more prominently on our home page. That helped, but not enough.

A movie or a save by Netflix don’t seem likely, but maybe another site will pick it up!

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