Lots to ponder in a story on Variety.com from Friday night about Syfy.  The story covers the success of freshman drama Warehouse 13, which set records for Syfy this summer and was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes.   That seems just fine with Warehouse 13’s showrunner:

Syfy has upped its order slightly from 12 to 13 episodes and will bring the show back at the same time of year. “Thirteen episodes is plenty,” says showrunner Jack Kenny. “If we had 22, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d just as soon we stake out the summer; it’s turned into this really fertile breeding ground for hit shows.”

This is a model Syfy programming head Syfy programming head Mark Stern would like to replicate:

“We’re looking for new summer series for next year — for something that would be more along the lines of a more traditional genre piece.”

Just how much does Warehouse 13 cost?  According to Variety the budget is a “high (but not outrageous)” $2 million per episode.  Warehouse 13 got an additional marketing boost because its launch was coupled with the network’s re-branding from Sci Fi to Syfy, which the network sunk a lot of money into promoting.

“I’ve never worked on a show with so much promotion,” Kenny says, which today you really just have to do — there are so many eyeballs and so much product out there.”

Read the full story on Variety.

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