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In a light week with little new fare, Leverage’s summer finale was the most-watched show on TNT averaging 3.367 million on September 9.  Many repeats of  The Closer, Bones, and the movie 300 came in ahead of Dark Blue and its 2.02 million average.

There was no new Raising the Bar last week, but the question still comes up, what are the renewal prospects for Raising the Bar and Dark Blue?

We don’t have enough data or insight with cable shows to weigh-in. With the numbers we do have I’d speculate both shows are at least “on the bubble”.  Raising the Bar’s numbers are much better than Dark Blue’s, but RTB had the benefit of The Closer as its lead-in.    Dark Blue retains more of its lead-in than RTB, but its lead-in is much smaller.

There are any number of things TNT could try.  It could try Dark Blue out of The Closer and Raising The Bar out of Leverage and the net viewing might be higher.  Or it could scrap both Dark Blue and Raising the Bar and try new shows.  My guess is that at least one of those shows will be scrapped, but, it’s just a guess and I wouldn’t be surprised if neither were scrapped or if both were.

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