In an Interview with Broadcasting & Cable’s Melissa Grego, Turner Entertainment Networks President Steve Koonin spoke in absolutely glowing terms when it came to Men of a Certain Age:

Men of a Certain Age just wrapped its first season this week. You’ve ordered a second. Did it perform as you hoped?

This show surpassed every expectation I had. Our criteria are critical success, for which we got a check-plus; adding value to sales clients and cable affiliates, that’s a check-plus; and potential in ratings, [another] check-plus. It couldn’t have performed better than it did.

As Bill notes in a separate post about Southland, Mr. Koonin wasn’t nearly so positive when it came to Southland.   Koonin spoke highly of Conan but Turner isn’t currently making a play for him, and it doesn’t sound like it is too interested in doing that with Lopez Tonight just recently launched.

It’s a good interview that covers a fair bit of ground.

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