I’m not well versed in the history of I Love Money,  but I think the deal is that Ryan Jenkins who was a contestant on Megan Wants a Millionaire and suspected of murdering his wife and then committed suicide was also a contestant on I Love Money 3.  As a result, VH1 never aired I Love Money 3.

Around the same time all the Ryan Jenkins news was happening, VH1 was filming (and completed filming of)  I Love Money 4, which VH1 originally planned to air in January 2010. Because of the controversy and the shelving of ILM 3, VH1 also cancelled I Love Money 4 as well.

But I Love Money 4 got uncancelled and finally made it on VH1 last Thursday September 16, 2010 from 11:01p-12:03a.  It looks to me like VH1 just decided to quietly burn it off.   No information about the show is promoted  on VH1’s web site.  While I didn’t see any demographic information, the premiere averaged 731,000 viewers last Thursday.  That’s a lot more than the 374,000 viewer average for  “40 Greatest Pranks 2” at 11pm on Wednesday September 15, but for all I know that was the 500th time VH1 repeated “40 Greatest Pranks 2.”

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