Correction: I picked the wrong day to quit caffeine and that will be rectified in about 5 minutes.  A glaring error in the bit about Lost premiere vs. White Collar below — last week there was an hour of  Lost at 10pm.  Last night, there was The Forgotten at 10pm.  A pretty big difference.   I’ll post last night’s ratings for White Collar as soon as I see them…

Update: White Collar rebounded solidly with over 3.8 million viewers and a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating Tuesday night at 10pm.

Original post:

I haven’t seen the ratings for last night’s White Collar yet and probably won’t for another five hours or so, but I don’t really need to wait.

White Collar fans hoping that last week’s drops to less than 3 million viewers and a less than a 1.0 rating were purely related to the Lost premiere can give up that ghost already.  For one thing, Lost didn’t drop all that significantly in its 2nd episode that it would boost White Collar back up over 4 million viewers, and then of course there is Psych, which airs on Wednesdays and not Tuesdays and wasn’t impacted by the Lost premiere.  It was under 3 million viewers (2.86 million) last Wednesday and a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.

The big question is whether these shows can get their 10pm footing and start to increase.  If not, USA will have to at least think about moving those shows back to Friday where they had much more success.

Burn Notice dropped last week as well, though it was still strong, particularly for cable with adults 18-49 (with 2.27 million adults 18-49, third for the week on cable behind both hours of WWE RAW on USA) so it was still the highest-rated scripted show on cable for the week.

Burn Notice has proved that USA can have consistent success with scripted dramas, not just in the summer, and not just on a Friday.  But the question is, is Burn Notice merely the exception that proves the rule?

What do you think?

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Other themes I will be covering soon:

Should Syfy abandon its plans for “Sci-Fi Friday” and try some of its Friday shows on another night?

Can TNT successfully launch a show — any show — in November or December? Or should it stick to summer at least until the show has built a following (a la Burn Notice on USA)?

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