The end of The Walking Dead’s first season is upon us quickly.  Not a surprise since the first season only had 6 episodes. Fortunately, the second season will have 13 episodes, but unfortunately the second season is a ways into the future with a date as of yet announced.

Last Sunday’s penultimate episode of the first season hit highs with both adults 18-49 (2.8 rating) and total viewers (5.56 million)after hitting an 18-49 low (2.4 rating) the previous week.   Will The Walking Dead walk away from its first season with ratings highs for the finale?

Here’s a recap of the ratings for the first five episodes of the first season of The Walking Dead:

note: all ratings are live plus same day DVR viewing of the first telecast for an episode and don’t include repeats, On Demand or a week’s worth of DVR viewing.

Date Program Live+SD 18-49 Rating Live+SD Viewers (Millions)
28-Nov The Walking Dead 2.8 5.561
21-Nov The Walking Dead 2.4 4.754
14-Nov The Walking Dead 2.5 5.074
7-Nov The Walking Dead 2.5 4.707
31-Oct The Walking Dead 2.7 5.345

I’m skipping the poll this time around.  I’m not really sure what to expect.  And if not for this post, would avoid guessing at all.  I’ll guess it will come up a bit short of season highs and basically tie the numbers for the series premiere (which would still be rocking numbers for the cable world).

I’ll disclaim that every prediction I’ve made for The Walking Dead so far has been too low, but I’m not going to overcompensate by swinging in the other direction for the finale.  You can tell me what a dope I am and/or post your own predictions in the comments.

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