As  noted last week, True Blood’s season two DVD sales are down around 10% from last year.  That prompted one person to e-mail asking whether I thought that might be offset by an increase in Blu-ray sales.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing.  While there are rankings for Blu-ray sales, there isn’t anything publicly available regarding the number of Blu-ray units and even if there was, I’d lack the information from last year to make the comparison.  Anyone  subscribing to that sort of data who knows, please feel free to let me know.

Normally my best guess would be “I doubt it, if the trend is down, it’s  probably down across the board,” but forecasts about growth about Blu-ray player sales have me not even wanting to guess at it.  I wish we had the data, but we don’t.

Meanwhile, after three weeks of release, True Blood’s second season DVD (excluding Blu-ray) sales are still down  versus last year, but nonetheless impressive.  In its third week it sold an additional 94,494 units.  Last year in its third week the season one DVD sold 99,169 units.  Through three weeks a total of 712, 105 units for the season two have been sold versus season one’s 787,202 after three weeks.

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