For years, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has operated under a wheel, in which the show rotates among the four major broadcasters. Yet with that contract expiring after August’s presentation, the organization faces an uncertain future –


So wrapped up in the annual “who will win/who should win” speculation is another Emmy mystery — namely, what combination of networks will carry the show beginning in 2011?

via Variety.

The Variety piece goes on to suggest that the Emmys broadcast should settle down with a single network like most other awards shows (Grammys, Academy Awards, and Tonys).

I think that makes sense from the perspective of the show, and its ratings success, but I’m not so sure that works within the ‘politics’ of the TV world. Unlike most other awards shows, this one is ‘in house’, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the current annual rotating of the broadcast is the only way that works to keep the competitive detente at bay.

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