The Emmy Awards are mostly creatures of inertia. Winners repeat often, and rookie winners are fairly rare.

That combined with the fact that I’ve watched almost none of the nominated shows or actors/actresses, leads me to guess that last year’s winners will simply win again. When last year’s winners aren’t nominated, my method’s automatically going to come up empty.

Of course, you’d expect the experts, who watch the shows and write about them, and make a pick in every category to do much better than that simplistic prediction method, wouldn’t you?

How’d inertial prognosticating do against The Hollywood Reporter’s “experts”?

Best Drama Series

  • THR expert 1: Boardwalk Empire, miss
  • THR expert 2: Boardwalk Empire, miss
  • Inertia: Mad Men, score!

Best Comedy Series

  • THR expert 1: Modern Family, score!
  • THR expert 2: Modern Family, score!
  • Inertia: Modern Family, score!

Lead Actor Comedy Series

  • THR expert 1: Steve Carell, miss
  • THR expert 2: Steve Carell, miss
  • Inertia: Jim Parsons, score!

Lead Actor Drama Series

  • THR expert 1: Steve Busecmi, miss
  • THR expert 2: Steve Busecmi, miss
  • Inertia: Unable to guess, miss

Lead Actress Comedy Series

  • THR expert 1: Laura Linney, miss
  • THR expert 2: Laura Linney, miss
  • Inertia: Edie Falco, miss

Lead Actress Drama Series

  • THR expert 1: Julianna Margulies, score!
  • THR expert 2: Julianna Margulies, score!
  • Inertia: unable to guess, miss
Final tally
  • THR expert 1: 2-4
  • THR expert 2: 2-4
  • Inertia: 3-3
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