NBCNBC has announced its 2009-10 schedule. Of course, the addition of The Jay Leno Show every weekday at 10pm has dramatically changed its schedule vs. Fall 2008.

Note that NBC went 0-5 with its new Fall 2008 shows. Not a single new Fall 2008 show returns for 2009.

Compared to 2008 NBC has the same number of new shows (if you consider Leno as a single show), far more new show time, and far more unscripted show time. Although all the numbers are driven by Leno.

NBC is only scheduling 8 hours of non-repeat scripted programming a week in the Fall. That could be the same amount that the CW schedules in its 5 nights a week.

Here is a look at its Fall 2009 Schedule vs. its Fall 2008 Schedule by the Numbers.

New Shows

2009 (5 shows, 7.5 hours): The Jay Leno Show (5 hours),  Trauma (1 hour), Parenthood (1 hour), Community (1/2 hour)

2008 (4 shows, 4 hours): My Own Worst Enemy (1 hour), Kath & Kim (1 hour), Knight Rider (1 hour), Crusoe (1 hour)

Unscripted Shows

2009 (12 hours): The Jay Leno Show (5 hours), Biggest Loser (2 hours), Dateline NBC (1 hour), Football Night in America (1 hour), Sunday Night Football (3 hours)

2008 (9 hours): Biggest Loser (2 hours), America’s Toughest Jobs (1 hour), Deal or No Deal (1 hours), Dateline NBC (1 hour), Football Night in America (1 hour), Sunday Night Football (3 hours)

My Ratings Forecast

The dominant factor in any NBC comparison is how well The Jay Leno Show does. Last Fall the Tonight Show did a 1.4 demo rating at 11:30pm. For prognostication’s sake, I’ll assume that Leno at 10pm can do a 2.0. Even comparing against new episodes from last fall, Leno’s likely to do better on Wednesdays and Fridays. He’ll do relatively better once repeat time for scripted shows starts.

With that in mind, NBC’s Monday looks to be about even. Tuesday a negative. Wednesday looks to be a net positive, potentially big. Thursday’s a net negative, potentially big. Friday a net positive. Saturday and Sunday even. Overall, any move up or down is all going to be due to Leno’s success level.

For information on other broadcast TV Fall 2009 schedules click here.

Day / Time 2008 2009
8-9p Chuck Heroes
9-10p Heroes Trauma
10-11p My Own Worst Enemy The Jay Leno Show
8-10p The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser
10-11p Law & Order:SVU The Jay Leno Show
8-9p Knight Rider Parenthood
9-10p Deal or No Deal Law & Order: SVU
10-11p Lipstick Jungle The Jay Leno Show
8-8:30p My Name Is Earl SNL Weekend Update Thursday
8:30-9p Kath & Kim Parks & Recreation
9-9:30p The Office The Office
9:30-10p 30 Rock Community/30 Rock
10-11p ER The Jay Leno Show
8-9p Crusoe Law & Order
9-10p America’s Toughest Jobs Southland
10-11p Life The Jay Leno Show
8-9p Dateline NBC Dateline NBC
9-10p Knight Rider (Encores) Trauma (Encores)
10-11p Law & Order:SVU (Encores) Law & Order:SVU (Encores)
7-8pm Football Night in America Football Night in America
8-11p Sunday Night Football Sunday Night Football

Shows in BOLD are/were new, shows in italics are unscripted, 2008 shows in strikethrough did not return.

The shows scheduled to premiere in mid-season or later are: Chuck, Day One, 100 Questions, Mercy, The Marriage Ref and Celebrity Apprentice.

It’s not worth the time to compare mid-season schedules. Changes are almost certain between now and January.

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