Our night-by-night schedule looks continue with Saturday.  Saturday night would’ve been omitted from any night-by-night look except for the fact that I’m a completionist nutcase.

Last year there was some nonsense TV media chatter that CBS was trying to breathe life into Saturday nights when it scheduled Rules Of Engagement there. That was nonsense, it was a warehousing move that didn’t happen since How To Be A Gentleman cratered so quickly, RoE never aired on Saturday, and premiered on Thursday instead.

The big change on Saturday night next Fall (although it’s already underway), and one I’m certain will get zero attention from the entertainment media, is the fact that Fox has given over the night to FOX Sports who’ll program various seasonal sports (baseball, college football, NASCAR) during the year with some new episodes of Cops sprinkled in from time to time. That extra money spent will likely give FOX a nice ratings margin over the competition (with the possible exception of ABC Saturday Night College Football in the Fall).

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011’s Saturday schedule:

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