The theme of filling in the void left by Lost will probably play a bit with the TV media in the fall.  I watched every episode of Lost, and for the most part enjoyed it.  But, at least for me the notion of any void is somewhat mythical.  After Lost finished I didn’t think, “Oh my! What am I going to do now?”

But Variety writes that the networks are trying to fill the void left by Lost with “ambitious dramas that aspire to the same kind of dense, mystery-thriller-style storytelling that proved so addictive to “Lost” fans around the world for six seasons.”

Among the hopefuls Variety includes:

NBC’s “The Event” and “The Cape,” AMC’s “Rubicon,” ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” and CW’s “Nikita.” HBO is venturing into this territory with its upcoming “Game of Thrones,” which marks the pay cabler’s first foray into the sci-fi sphere.

The story also notes that with its JJ Abrams pedigree Fringe hopes to absorb some of the Lost viewers who were too busy trying to solve the riddle of the four-toed statue to have any time left over for Fringe.

I’ve watched every episode of Fringe, too, and will continue to do so, but I just don’t see Fringe getting any ratings bump at all let alone one due to Lost’s absence.

None of the shows on Variety’s list exactly scream “Lost” to me, though I am interested in a few of them.  I am really curious about how HBO’s Game of Thrones will do.   Internet geeks are going crazy about it, but I wonder if it will be the premium cable equivalent of “Scott Pilgrim” (everyone at Comic-Con loved it, and it was all the rage on Twitter, but it’s box office #s kinda stunk) rather than the next True Blood.

I’m sure many Lost fans will watch some of the new shows, but I don’t see any of them becoming the sensation (ratings or otherwise) that Lost was.

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