Although NBC used Sunday Night Football and NFL wild card playoffs to heavily promote the season premiere of Chuck, don’t look for much promotion during the Olympics.

In an interview by Alan Sepinwall with Chuck producers and co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak in response to some fan (an only by some fans) outrage,  Sepinwall asked about ratings and whether they thought that the small hit in the ratings Chuck took on Monday night was as a result of a Super Bowl bump for CBS.  Schwartz had a very realistic (at least from my perspective) outlook:

I don’t attribute it to any one thing,” said Schwartz.   “Barring this week, it’s been a pretty consistent number,” Schwartz noted.

“Certainly, CBS had a lot of NFL momentum, people are still sampling, we’re against “Bachelor” and “House.” A lot of tough shows,” he added.

Sepinwall then asked specifically about whether there was any concern ratings-wise with  being off the air for a couple of weeks during the Olympics.

Well, you’re going to be off the air for a few weeks. Any concern about the numbers dropping when you come back?

JS: Sure. Every time you go off for a couple of weeks, you’ve gotta self-start again when you come back. We always knew coming back in January would be great for us, but it also meant other things would be premiering. NBC’s been incredibly supportive of the show in getting us launched, but I would not expect to see a lot of promotion for us during the Olympics. (emphasis mine)

Read the full interview on “What’s Alan Watching.”

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