Sorry Eastwick fans, but you should’ve seen it coming.

via James Hibberd’s the live feed:

ABC has picked up five more episodes of Tuesday night’s “The Forgotten” while deciding against ordering additional episodes of “Eastwick.”

In addition, ABC is yanking the planned upcoming debut of reality show “Let’s Dance.”

With the exception of scrapping plans for the only-just-recently-announced-to-begin-with Let’s Dance,  these moves aren’t a big surprise.  Perhaps the move of picking up The Forgotten is surprising for some, but Jerry Bruckheimer’s show will live on for at least 5 additional episodes.

The accountants might not be making all scheduling decisions, but they still hold some sway. ABC plans to air all 13 of the Eastwick episodes (so far 7 of the 13 have aired), though exactly when they will air is still unknown.

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