Continuing our hour by hour coverage of the fall schedule, we move to Friday nights at 10pm.  Grizzled veteran 20/20 (and I do mean grizzled, this will be the show’s 33rd season) takes on scripted newcomers Outlaw on NBC and Blue Bloods on CBS.

Friday Nights 9pm-10pm:

FRIDAY 10:00p 10:30p
Blue Bloods New
Outlaw New

Who’ll Win?

After the fall premiere dust settles, the easy pick is the unscripted 20/20 with Blue Bloods in second and Outlaw in last. The question I have is how much pent-up demand is there for Tom Selleck, who is not a stranger to the fairly recent Friday night broadcast television landscape.

Selleck joined the cast of  NBC’s Las Vegas for its fifth and final season (2007-08).  It’s easy to say, “How’d that pent-up demand work out for Las Vegas?”  But, CBS has had much better success with procedural shows than NBC.   Indeed, even if I didn’t know what the shows were about, CBS over NBC is the easy pick.   But CBS over ABC?

I’m sticking with the easy pick of 20/20, but I’m very curious to see how Blue Bloods performs.

Fans of both Outlaw & Blue Bloods who check the ratings are likely to say things like, “of course hardly anybody 18-49 watches it, it’s on Friday nights at 10pm!  Just wait for the DVR numbers…”  But those are exactly the sort of comments that make me wonder how much longer we’ll see two scripted shows in the Friday 10pm time slot…or even one.

We’re not quite done with our hour-by-hour coverage, look for the last of the  Sunday-Thursday coverage next week .  You can find all the hour-by-hour coverage here.

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