Continuing our hour by hour coverage of the fall schedule, we move to Monday nights at 8pm.  No new shows to be found in this hour, it’s all veterans: 90210, Chuck, Dancing with the Stars, House, How I Met Your Mother & Rules of Engagement.

Monday Night 8pm-9pm:

MONDAY 8:00p 8:30p
Dancing with the Stars
How I Met Your Mother Rules of Engagement

Disclaimer: the discussion below concerns the advertiser coveted adults 18-49 demographic.  Barring a miracle for House or disaster for Dancing with the Stars, DWTS will definitely have the most overall viewers for the hour.

The big question for me for this hour is once things settle down from premiere week will things track more closely with last spring or last fall?   Last fall House usually bested Dancing With the Stars by comfortable margin at 8pm, and DWTS usually bested the 8pm CBS comedies, sometimes by a wide margin, sometimes not.    In the spring, it was a bit different with the 8pm hour of DWTS competing much more closely with House due to both improved ratings from the fall session, and lower ratings for House.

Everyone knows Chuck will finish fourth for the hour.  Fans know.  NBC knows.  The producers, crew and stars of Chuck know it too.   As ever, where it ranks in its time slot doesn’t matter as much as how it stacks up against other shows on NBC.

How will 90210 hold up in it new time slot?  My guess:  not so well.

Who’ll win? Will Dancing with the Stars take down House at 8pm this fall?  If I had to bet — and I’m glad I don’t have to bet – I’d say no.  I’m sticking with House, but a good fall for DWTS and any further ratings attrition from House could make it a toss-up.   Further complicating any prognosticating is that DWTS isn’t set to officially reveal its full  fall cast until August 30.

Next Monday (August 23) I’ll cover Monday from 9pm-10pm, tomorrow (Tuesday August 17) I’ll cover Tuesday at 8pm.  Within a few weeks, every hour of the schedule will be covered.  You can find all the hour-by-hour coverage here.

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