Continuing our hour by hour coverage of the fall schedule, we move to Tuesday nights at 8pm.  Only one new show in this hour, ABC’s No Ordinary Family.  The rest are veterans: Biggest Loser, Glee NCIS, & One Tree Hill.    Biggest Loser, Glee & NCIS all packed good to great ratings punches for their networks last season.

Tuesday Night 8pm-9pm:

TUESDAY 8:00p 8:30p
No Ordinary Family New
One Tree Hill
Biggest Loser 

Disclaimer: the discussion below concerns the advertiser coveted adults 18-49 demographic.  Barring a miracle or disaster for NCIS, NCIS will almost certainly  have the most overall viewers for the hour.

Glee is in a new time slot with some advantages and disadvantages.  One advantage is it will be going up against the first, and lower-rated hour of  Biggest Loser.  Another advantage is, it will be going up against newcomer No Ordinary Family on ABC instead of Lost*.   The disadvantages are that it will be on an hour earlier when generally slightly less people are watching television, and it will be going up against NCIS instead of NCIS: LA, and NCIS is the better performer(or was last year.  Update: of course, the big disadvantage is it won’t have American Idol as its lead-in.

*While it will be fantastic news for ABC if  No Ordinary Family performed at Lost levels from last spring, post premiere ABC can’t be expecting that to happen, so neither am I.

No Ordinary Family is one of the few pilots I’ve bothered to watch.  It was a fun 42ish minutes of television and I enjoyed it but there’s no way to tell if that will translate into a good series.

Yes, it’s a tough hour and I know a lot of people think ABC should’ve stuck it somewhere else.  Because it is a family show I can understand ABC not wanting to push it to 10pm just to get it out of harms way.  Besides, ABC hasn’t exactly had a great run of launching shows at 10pm lately anyway.

Given that ABC wasn’t going to screw with Sundays, Mondays or Wednesdays at 8pm, that left Thursdays at 8pm or Tuesdays at 8pm, and my guess is no matter which one of those ABC picked, fans of No Ordinary Family would find reasons to not love the scheduling.

Who’ll win? A bold, unpopular and surprising opinion perhaps, but I think it’s a toss up between NCIS and Glee with adults 18-49 (though Glee will crush with adults 18-34) and over the course of the fall I wouldn’t be surprised if NCIS edged Glee out.   I have no doubt there will be dissenting opinions.

The Biggest Loser again looks to perform solidly and be one of NBC’s better performers.

I’m pretty sure No Ordinary Family will get a decent sampling, but have no idea how it will do after that.  My guess is regardless it will come in fourth for the hour, but as ever how it performs in its time slot is less important than how it performs relative to the rest of ABC’s shows.

Next Tuesday (August 24) I’ll cover Tuesday from 9pm-10pm, tomorrow (Wednesday, August 18) I’ll cover Wednesday at 8pm.  Within a few weeks, every hour of the schedule will be covered.  You can find all the hour-by-hour coverage here.

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