Continuing our hour by hour coverage of the fall schedule, we move to Wednesday nights at 9pm.  CW freshman Hellcats joins Cougar Town, Criminal Minds, Hell’s Kitchen, Law & Order: SVU and Modern Family.

Wednesday Night 9pm-10pm:

WEDNESDAY 9:00p 9:30p
Modern Family Cougar Town
Criminal Minds
Hellcats New
Hell’s Kitchen
Law & Order: SVU

Any ratings discussion below is in reference to adults 18-49 ratings, and not total viewers.

I’m already bracing for all the  Cougar Town related comments. It loses so much of Modern Family’s lead-in! ABC should put The Middle in Cougar Town’s time slot! Cougar Town needs to change it’s name!

The thing I’m most interested in this hour is to see what kind of stress Law & Order: SVU puts on Criminal Minds.  Last year after Leno-geddon,  NBC ran repeats of SVU up against Criminal Minds, but originals are a different animal. Update: As commenter Forg notes, SVU went head-to-head w/CM last fall, and SVU lost.  Though even once my memory is jogged I remembered CM winning, I didn’t remember the margins being as wide.   Single data point: last November 18- CM won 3.7 vs. 2.6.  Also worth noting on that night CBS won the hour 3.7 vs. 3.4 for ABC (that night MF had a 3.7 and CT a 3.2).  I looked at several other nights too, and that wasn’t an atypical outcome, though last year FOX aired “Glee” on Wednesdays at 9p.

Is Hellcats this year’s Melrose Place? I have no impression about Hellcats one way or the other and will wait to see the ratings.  But if the ratings are not good,  Hellcats might not be this year’s Melrose Place.  MP got to air all its episodes.  But, this year the CW has no scheduled repeats on its schedule as it has the last two years and CW can fill an hour with repeats of The Vampire Diaries (or Nikita) if necessary.

Who’ll win? Modern Family will be the best performer in the hour, but that’s only 30 minutes.  But even with Cougar Town’s retention anxiety, ABC can eke out a victory for the hour.   It’s possible that Criminal Minds and Law & Order will neutralize each other enough that Hell’s Kitchen takes second for the hour.  Or it is possible CBS bests ABC, and NBC lands in fourth as was often the case last fall.

Next Wednesday (September 1) I’ll cover Wednesday  from 10pm-11pm, tomorrow (Thursday, August 26) I’ll cover Thursday at 9pm.   You can find all the hour-by-hour coverage here.

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