The Observers are coming

Another Friday, and another batch of freak out worthy ratings for Fringe and FlashForward.

How long will FOX tolerate the middling ratings for Fringe?

Barring a decision by FOX to move Fringe to a better time slot, or some statement from FOX along the lines of “We love this show, we love JJ Abrams, and we don’t care how bad the ratings are we will air this show forever,” I wouldn’t plan on it being back for a third season.

I know, we’ll hear a lot of “wait for the DVR numbers”,  “New Moon opened last night!” and “It will be back to a 2.2 next week, just wait and see…”

Hear me, Fringe fans: root for a better time slot anyway!

Fringe is no Lost

FOX has enough data to realize already that Fringe is no Lost.

If last night is any indication it is never going to approach Lost levels of intrigue for me.  Last night was supposed to be a big mythology episode.  Only it just wasn’t that great.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think it completely sucked or was even bad.  But it didn’t have any “Wow! I can’t believe THAT happened” moments in it.

If you loved last night’s episode and it made you giddy with delight, I’m happy for you.  Truly.  But you should probably root for a schedule change then, and not to Fridays!

Did anyone really think a bunch of bald, pale skinned, no eyebrow having white guys would be a huge draw?

If there was a market for bald pasty faced white guys who like spicy food, I would be an international sensation!  Short of stunt-casting Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) and Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey from The Shield) as Observers, you probably aren’t going to be able to use the Observers as a big marketing ploy.

FlashForward Finally Introduces a Likeable Character!

As for FlashForward it’s good news, bad news.  The good news (at least for me) was that last night was one of the better recent episodes, the bad news is the ratings are still falling and I’m probably going to cut bait on the show anyway.  I did like last night’s episode better than most for one simple reason: the Keiko character was fully introduced and it was like “finally, a character I actually like and care about!”  As a bonus the back/forward story for Bryce got more interesting due to Keiko as well..

Too Little Too Late?  What’s the story?

But the down side is it took to almost Thanksgiving to get a character I actually was interested in and…it was in an episode where there’s almost no discussion about why the flash forwards happened.   What’s up with the dead crows?  How can you have Dominic Monoghan playing an evil villain and hardly use him in a way where he gets to be an evil villain!?

It will be very interesting to see where ABC slots FlashForward in the new year.  With Lost taking the Tuesday at 9pm spot, it seems likely FlashForward will stay put where it is for season one, but some think it will be moved to 10pm on Tuesdays to be paired with Lost (but the betting money is on “V” occupying the 10pm slot).

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