Normally when I visit Alan Sepinwall’s wonderful blog, “What’s Alan Watching?”  the comments section is a bastion of civility, something that is almost unheard of on the Internet. Lately though, the Chuck posts have been kind of dicey in the comments at times.

Like many Sepinwall chalked much of last week’s ratings declines up to the first couple of days of Daylight Saving Time being problematic.  But, he is still optimistic for Chuck’s renewal chances, though not quite as optimistic after last week.

I still believe NBC’s problems are too big and widespread for “Chuck” to not come back next year, even if it’s just as cannon fodder until other parts of the schedule can stabilize. (If they try to come back in the fall with a schedule that’s primarily composed of new shows, they’re gonna get killed.)

He has a point.  NBC hasn’t had much luck in recent years launching new scripted shows, particularly scripted dramas.   The only scripted show launched in the current season that is already assured of coming back is Dan Harmon’s Community.    The only show launched last year that made it to a second season was Parks & Recreation (which has now made it to a third season).   Parenthood currently seems likely to return even if its ratings do wind up intersect-ing with Chuck’s a few week’s down the road.

The only survivor from the 2007-2008 season?  Chuck.

It’s hard to argue with keeping it around even if it’s just as cannon fodder,  but then again it’s NBC we’re talking about.  Still, I agree with Mr. Sepinwall  who nails it at the end of his post.

A fan campaign like last year’s isn’t going to work again. All that matters at this point are two numbers: the ratings the show pulls over the rest of the season, and the license fee Warner Bros. is willing to agree to for a fourth season. All we can do is watch (and encourage anyone we might know with a Nielsen box to watch), wait and hope.

Chuck Season 3 Ratings:

Date Episode Household Rating/Share Live+SD 18-49 Rating Live+SD Viewers (000) Live+7 18-49 Rating Live+7 Viewers (000)
January 10, 2010 Chuck vs. the Pink Slip 4.2/6 3.0 7,703
January 10, 2010 Chuck vs. the Three Words 4.0/7 2.9 7,197
January 10, 2010 Combined 4.1/7 2.9 7,450
January 11, 2010 Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte 4.3/7 2.6 7,355
January 18, 2010 Chuck vs. Operation Awesome 3.8/6 2.5 6,650
January 25, 2010 Chuck vs. First Class 4.1/6 2.50 6,977 3.04 8,137
February 1, 2010 Chuck vs. the Nacho Sampler 3.9/6 2.44 6,732 2.97 7,818
February 8, 2010 Chuck vs. the Mask 3.9/6 2.23 6,596 2.75 7.790
March 1, 2010 Chuck vs. the Fake Name 4.0/6 2.43 6,701 3.00 7,894
March 8, 2010 Chuck vs. the Beard 3.8/6 2.3 6,367
March 15, 2010 Chuck vs. the Tic Tac 3.6/6 1.9 5,849
March 22, 2010 Chuck vs. the Final Exam
March 29, 2010 Chuck vs. the American Hero
April 5, 2010 Chuck vs. the Other Guy
April 12, 2010 Chuck vs. the Honeymooner
April 19, 2010 Chuck vs. the Role Models
April 26, 2010 Chuck vs. the Tooth
May 3, 2010 Season 3 Episode 17
May 10, 2010 Season 3 Episode 18
May 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 19

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2010 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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