Think your favorite broadcast primetime shows draw more men than women? You might be surprised.

In response to the many discussions in our comments about which broadcast shows skew more male or female, I decided to run some numbers so that folks could see to what extent female viewers outnumber male viewers for almost every show in broadcast primetime.

As I’ve noted many times, except for Fox’s Sunday animated lineup, shows that “skew male” are few and far between. The only non animated shows with more male 18-49 viewers were Chuck, Fringe and 24.

A few things that surprised me. Chuck being so “high” on the list. Would not have guessed that. And American Idol not being nearer the “bottom” of the list, I’m surprised there are relatively that many men watching it.

Enjoy perusing the list.

1.00 = equal ratings for men and women 18-49

below 1.0 = more men

above 1.0 = more women

Show Women / Men 18-49
Simpsons 0.67
Family Guy 0.68
Cleveland Show 0.71
Chuck 0.83
Fringe 0.95
24 0.97
V 1.00
Dateline NBC 1.00
Til Death 1.00
Rules Of Engagement 1.04
Minute to Win It 1.06
Office 1.06
60 Minutes 1.07
Trauma 1.13
Two And A Half Men 1.19
Big Bang Theory 1.19
NCIS 1.19
Community 1.20
How I Met Your Mother 1.21
Accidentally On Purpose 1.21
Celebrity Apprentice 1.22
NCIS:LA 1.25
Lost 1.25
Supernatural 1.27
30 Rock 1.27
Modern Family 1.28
CSI: Miami 1.29
House 1.31
The Middle 1.31
Bones 1.33
Old Christine 1.38
Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 1.40
Mentalist 1.46
FlashForward 1.46
CSI 1.55
CSI:NY 1.55
Criminal Minds 1.57
Extreme Makeover Home Edition 1.62
American Idol – Tues 1.64
Marriage Ref 1.64
The Good Wife 1.65
American Idol – Wed 1.67
Law & Order 1.73
Glee 1.76
Law & Order:SVU 1.84
Cougar Town 1.89
90210 2.00
Parenthood 2.00
Castle 2.00
The Vampire Diaries 2.00
Mercy 2.00
The Biggest Loser 2.06
Desperate Housewives 2.19
DWTS Tues 2.36
Brothers & Sisters 2.43
One Tree Hill 2.50
DWTS Mon 2.64
Private Practice 2.71
Gossip Girl 2.83
Fly Girls 3.00
High Society 3.00
Grey’s Anatomy 3.18
America’s Next Top Model 3.50

Note: The list contains the ratio of the ratings for women 18-49 to men 18-49 for the airing of each show in the past week with several caveats: (1) I took the ratings for both repeats and original episodes. Maybe repeats have a different gender skew than originals for the same show, but going back over more than one week was too much work. (2) We only see gender information for shows broadcast on Sunday-Thursday, so no Friday or Saturday shows in the list. (3) This is a ratio of the gender ratings, not the number of men and women viewers. There are slightly more women 18-49 than men 18-49 in the TV population, but the difference is so small I didn’t bother going through an extra step.

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