Hi. With the “Chuck” season finale having record low ratings, I’m worried NBC could go all “Southland” on “Chuck” and cancel it before it even airs an episode.  Could it happen?


Chippewa Falls, Wi.

While anything is possible, I’d be absolutely stunned if Chuck was pulled before even airing an episode.  Especially with the sensitivity over Southland which, like Chuck, is also produced by Warner Bros, and with NBC wanting to appear all lovey-dovey with Hollywood so the Comcast acquisition gets approved, I just don’t see anything like that happening.

Still, NBC seems to be giving The Event a marketing push, and having a diminishing Chuck (which it appears NBC will never promote much again) as a lead-in must give NBC some heartburn.  But so many things give NBC heartburn that coming in fourth at Mondays at 8pm surely can’t be at the top of that list.

What could NBC stick at Mondays at 8pm that would improve things versus Chuck and help The Event more?

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