Yesterday and today, I’ve been recapping this season’s predictions in my Renew / Cancel Index in separate posts for each network. Wednesday, I’ll have a post showing how the methods I’m going to use next season would have worked (and improved predictions) this season.

While Robert and I made our final predictions for the NBC shows two weeks ago, everybody in the TV media does that. With the Renew / Cancel Index, I make predictions after a single episode airs!

  • Law & Order: Predicted canceled initially, then renewed after Bromstad remarks, NBC canceled
  • Mercy, Trauma: Predicted in danger initially, predicted canceled (10/13/09)
  • Parks & Recreation: Predicted canceled, then in danger (10/13/09), NBC renewed
  • Community: Predicted renewed, then in danger (10/13/09), then renewed (2/2/10)
  • Chuck: Predicted renewed, then in danger (3/23/10), NBC renewed
  • Heroes: Predicted renewed initially, then in danger, then canceled, then in danger, NBC canceled
  • Law & Order: SVU, The Office, 30 Rock : Predicted renewed all season.

Even with its ratings carnage this season, NBC canceled just four scripted shows (Law & Order, Heroes, Mercy and Trauma). That is likely due to their need  to demonstrate to their affiliates (and perhaps Hollywood) that next season they can air scripted shows 25 hours a day, damn the costs!

Law & Order was an example of me falling for what I criticize the rest of the TV media about all the time. NBC’s Angela Bromstad claimed she wasn’t going to be the person to cancel the show and prevent it from breaking the drama series longevity record, and then promptly did exactly that. I should’ve stuck to the numbers!

Of course in hindsight it all seems so obvious, but you may wish to amuse yourself with all the fan excuses/complaints/wails in all the original posts.

You can see all the NBC Renew / Cancel Index posts from this season here if you’d like to do your own recap.

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