If you follow my weekly Renew / Cancel Index posts you know exactly how I think the remaining scripted show renewal and cancellation decisions will go this broadcast primetime season. And while I am never in doubt, there’s always the potential for me to be wrong, so very wrong.

I’d like to open the discussion and get everyone’s guesses for the biggest surprise renewal for the upcoming broadcast season.

My personal criteria is picking a show that if it got renewed, I would exclaim things not printable in a family website. Think Dollhouse, or ‘Til Death from last year.

My pick is… Heroes.

The numbers don’t give it any credible chance at all, and it would be a big surprise to most non-rabid fans, yet NBC’s devastation could just lead them to make one or more unexpected moves.

What’s your pick?

Update: In retrospect, I think my thought for the post and my explanation were a bit at odds.

I meant it to be a guess of a show renewal that was unexpected, as Heroes would be unexpected, but yet conceivably possible. The third paragraph ran counter to that.

While Heroes would be unexpected, it would not produce a Dollhouse like reaction.

Melrose Place renewal would produce a that sort of reaction. 😉

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