Though most of our readers probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference, we’re sure a few of the regulars would, so we wanted to alert you to some site changes that have already been made or will be made in the near future.

First,  and most importantly, somewhere in the fairly near future, we will be limiting our browsable archives of a lot of the regularly reported ratings data to two weeks of information. This change hasn’t been made yet, but we’ve been working on a solution and whether it happens tomorrow or within the next 30 days, it will happen.  This will extend to our browsable archives for pretty much anything  where we use tabular or list data, including the daily overnight reports, the daily cable news reports and the weekly broadcast and cable top 20s.

We know this will make some people unhappy.  Though we’d have preferred to have been able to archive everything for perpetuity, we do understand Nielsen’s position on this.   There are some Nielsen positions we don’t really understand, but that’s perhaps a story for another day.

We are also experiencing some issues with certain data that for the most part, even our hardcore faithful readers won’t likely notice.  However, until we get the issue with the archives resolved (which will likely be very soon) we are reluctant to approach Nielsen with any, “Hey, what happened to that data…” requests.

We currently lack the data to produce the top 20 shows by brodacast network that we had been posting, at least in the fashion we had been posting them.  We could probably replicate it with a lot of hunting and pecking,  but given the popularity of those posts and that it’s summer, for now, we’re just not publishing it.

As a result we have removed the links to the broadcast networks from our secondary site navigation and replaced those links with links to TV Show DVD sales (which we find very interesting) and the ratings and other press releases we get directly from the networks.  Although there is of course always some spin-meistering in the prose of those posts, there are usually a lot of numbers too.  We typically don’t feed those posts into our RSS feed because often there are more than a dozen of them a day, but for the true ratings junkies, there is a lot of data in them.

We are sorry for any inconveniences these changes might cause anyone, but it beats not having any website at all!  At least we think it does. We hope you will agree.

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