Update: There have been several complaints about the lack of “recent posts” widget. I hear your complaints and am evaluating, though will likely do so over a period of at least several days.

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If everything goes ok, sometime today we’ll be switching to a new site design. While one goal was to surface a little more content higher on the home page and get more people to use the site navigation and search, the primary goal was to improve performance and stability.  I’ve run into some problems with some recent upgrades to WordPress with the current theme and had to MacGyver things a bit. Hopefully nobody really noticed that, but it’s no way to head into the fall TV season.

I’ve been working with our Zap2it affiliate sibling Jon Lachonis from TVOvermind. Some of you ‘Lost’ fans may remember Jon as DocArzt.  Jon is a very skilled theme developer, and fantastic to work with. He did a customized version of his ‘Overmind’ theme for us.

Though visually, the home page will look a bit different (and I think it’s a bit prettier) it’s not a radical redesign. The site navigation will work the same and as far as individual posts go, it should work the same way it always did. I know most people don’t love change, and like opinions about TV shows, opinions about web site design certainly vary! But hopefully the site will be a little snappier, things won’t break when we upgrade software and I can get the duct tape off my desk and put it back in the drawer where it belongs.

I was going to hold off until 9pm PT tonight, but given the dog days of summer and that I don’t feel like working late on a Friday night, I’m going to try to do it this morning. Things might not be perfect initially, but if anything is horribly busted, I’ll quickly revert to the old theme.

P.S. I know the number one thing our most frequent commenters want is the ability to edit comments. That’s not a part of this redesign, but we’re very aware that you want that functionality.

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