Thanks for your comments and feedback. There are some small stylistic changes coming soon, but I definitely got the message that many of you miss the “Recent Posts” list that used to be in the sidebar. As noted elsewhere, that wasn’t really about the redesign, and I’m still evaluating its return and will be for a little while longer.

What I’m about to talk about isn’t about the visual redesign. We sometimes run into the problem of overwhelming our readers with information. This usually happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays when a lot of weekly Nielsen data is released and generates a lot of press releases, and it happens a lot at the end of months and quarters too.

One example is that on Tuesdays after the weekly ratings data is released, we post the average adults 18-49 rating and average total viewers for the week for the broadcast networks. Then each of the networks puts out a press release and we used to post all of them. I stopped doing that months ago mostly due to information overload. It would push down stuff people wanted to see (even in the ‘Recent Posts’ list) and we’d get complaints from people like “WTF, quit spamming my Facebook feed! Why do you need to post 5 versions of the exact same thing!”

The problem is it’s not the “exact” same thing. And it’s not just the spin (and I know some of you enjoy the spinning) but different data is included from different networks and it’s usually quite a bit more than what we post in the writeup we do. I know some of you like seeing the additional information.

One thing we can easily do with the new and improved site is exclude stuff from showing up in the scrolling list of posts at the bottom of the home page, or on Facebook/Twitter (or on the recent posts widget, should we bring it back).

Some releases will still make it onto the home page and Facebook. If Syfy changes its mind again and sends out a release announcing ‘Eureka’ has been renewed after all, that’s coming through. But the “what to leave in/what to leave out” decisions are at least a little bit subjective and some of that we will figure out as we go along.

The good news is we’ll be posting even more stuff, but you’ll sometimes have to dig a little bit to find it.  You can find everything, including the releases excluded from the home page in the “All Posts” section in the navigation at the top of the page.You can also see all the press releases, whether included or excluded here: .

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