One of many things I keep meaning to improve is our “site search” feature  for searches done on our site in the search box in the upper right of our site.

Below is a list of the top “site search” terms from January 1 – December 31, 2009.  Again this is just the searching done directly on our site and is different than searches from Google and other search engines that land on our site  where the query “tv by the numbers” was the number one search for 2009 with 256,511 visits and “tv ratings” was second with 241,437 visits.

We’ll get around to posting those numbers again too sooner or later, but one thing to keep in mind is the tool we use for this reporting (Google Analytics) treats all variations separately.  So “TV by the Nunbers” gets counted separately from “tvbythenumbers” or even “tv by the numbers” since it is case sensitive.  That’s why Chuck is on the list below twice at #1 and #7.

Chuck at number 1 and by a wide margin.  I bet none of you saw that coming…

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