via press notes: video and mobile traffic during the tragedy of the aftermath of the Japan earthquake on Friday. Unique Users were highest on record outside of election.

Friday’s 60mm global video starts were 5 times higher than the previous record of 12mm the day after Obama’s election 11/5/08. (Based on history from mid-2007 forward.) Global: 60,058,989 Video Starts (Highest on record for Global)

Below are top five video days in video starts for  (Historical record goes back to 2007.)

Rank Event Domestic Video Starts International Video Starts Global Video Starts
1 11-Mar-11 Japan Tsunami 44,994,156 15,064,817 60,058,973
2 5-Nov-08 Day after Obama Election 8,815,275 3,229,968 12,045,243
3 13-Oct-10 Chilean Miners Rescue 8,752,074 2,763,001 11,515,075
4 27-Feb-10 Hawaii Tsunami Warning 9,548,918 661,160 10,210,078
5 20-Jan-09 Obama Inauguration 7,892,394 1,955,067 9,847,461
Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst      

Friday’s 20mm domestic daily uniques ranks 3rd for all days on record (since mid-2007), behind Obama election day 11/4/08 (26.6mm) and the day after the election 11/5/08 (20.8mm).

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