Comcast Corp.’s chief operating officer, Steve Burke, issued a warning to those content providers who sit by idly and complain about online viewing without doing something to change the TV business model. “An entire generation is growing up, if we don’t figure out how to change that behavior so it respects copyright and subscription revenue on the part of distributors, we’re going to wake up and see cord cutting.”

He said the current OnDemand Online trial – offering viewers access to cable channel shows in exchange for identifying themselves as subscribers – was not an effort to “change the advertising model or get a minute back from content providers,” rather it is a way to “get in front of the biggest social movement I’ve ever seen. Online video consumption is off the charts.”


“I’ve yet to meet a content provider who doesn’t worry about cord cutting and doesn’t see the wisdom of trying to get ahead of that. Stop talking about how hard it is and start figuring it out,” he said.

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