I know I have mocked Twitter from time to time, but it’s now our 5th largest referrer of traffic.  That doesn’t have anything to do with our actual Twitter feed(s) though.  It’s other people linking to our posts, completely unrelated to our Twitter accounts.

But you can follow us on Twitter.  Our primary Twitter feed is @TVBTNFEED.  Most of the posts from the blog just automatically feed there.  We don’t send through all the press releases (though we do send some of them through).  If you’re a twitter fiend, it’s probably the fastest way of being alerted to new posts on the site.  Other than posting the links to new posts, we’re not active on that account at all.

I (Seidman) also maintain the @TVBYTHENUMBERS feed.  I don’t spend a lot of time on it, and I don’t usually have much to say, but do post some ratings tidbits here and there as well as the occasional link to stories NOT on our site.  I do sometimes reply back to things people send, but not always.

If you follow and I don’t follow you back, don’t take it personally, I’m not really using it to try to grow to a gazillion followers. Instead I use it as a window to what other people (writers, critics, fans) are talking about and sometimes it’s the fastest way to get information if you’re not at an event (example, CBS tweeted out its schedule announcements from the upfronts in real time).  It is also sometimes interesting to see what some of the shows’ producers, writers and actors have to say.

I do also have a personal Twitter account @SEIDMAN that I’ve now had for a couple of years, but it is very rare that I use it.  Maybe someday…

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