A few people have asked to run our feed through Facebook and there is a simple “networked blog” feature, that allows you to see easily our feed through Facebook.  There are multiple ways to do that, actually, but the networked blogging feature does seem the most appropriate, so I just and added our blog.

Facebook users can choose to follow that very easily — clicking this link will take you to a page where you just need click follow.  As of yet, our feed isn’t actually coming through because Facebook is limiting it to blogs that have at least seven followers.  It’s not a big number, but it’s not really in me to spam my friends’ list since most of them are people I know in real life who aren’t obssessed with the ratings.  And if seven people aren’t interested from seeing it on here… Update: the feed is now feeding…

But if you are, and you prefer to receive in Facebook,  click away.

And of course, you can also follow our feed on Twitter.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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