Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News on June 30, and he’s announced a two hour weekday web video show that will be available to subscribers to his site (among other things) for a charge of $4.95/month beginning September 12. He’ll continue his existing radio show. The show will be available live from 5-7pm Eastern as well as On Demand. Reports are that another TV show so soon would have violated a non-compete agreement with Fox, but a web video show does not.

The media punditry is all over the map on whether this will be a money maker or not. I’m not aware of any web only subscription video service that makes real money today (although I am ready to be enlightened by commenters), but if it works, expect similar efforts from others almost immediately.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if we never get good information on the revenues, that doesn’t prevent me from asking our readers whether they’ll be paying the $4.95 a month for GBTV.

How about it?



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