I had some fun ringing out the old year by perusing Google’s ‘Zeitgeist 2012‘, essentially a “Best of Google” view of the year. There were some interesting results. You can segment by country or see results for the whole world.

Here in the United States I was (sadly) not surprised at all to see Here Comes Honey Boo Boo as the top-trending TV show or to see American Idol was the most-searched TV show. Some of you might be surprised that Breaking Bad came in as the third most-searched TV show, but Chuck coming in as the #9 most-searched TV show in the USA surprised even me.

Sure, I’m guessing for purposes of calculating ‘most-searched’ Google probably didn’t distinguish between ‘Chuck TV Show,’ ‘Chuck Norris,’ ‘Chuck Berry’ and ‘Chuck Barris,’ but it was still fun to see.

Television is just a tiny sliver of what’s available in Zeitgeist 2012, but if you feel like saying goodbye to 2012, it’s worth a look.

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