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Hulu is drawing nearer to its goal of getting a big chunk of broadcast TV dollars thanks to an upfront commitment from MediaVest.

The Publicis Groupe agency is committing several million dollars of ad spending to Hulu over the next year as part of an upfront deal targeted to demographic clusters. The agreement includes at least six MediaVest clients, with potentially more to join.

That it was crafted on audience demos aligns Hulu’s ad sales more closely with how broadcast deals are cut. Hulu determines demographics for its content based on a combination of data from Nielsen, comScore and its own user registration lists.

“It allows us to view online video more closely with how we view television,” said Amanda Richman, managing director of digital at MediaVest. The deal represents a “significant” increase in spending on Hulu, she added, noting the money is being diverted from both broadcast TV spending and online budgets. Richman declined to give an exact amount of the commitment.

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Perhaps it’s just me, but the first sentence is laughable in the sense that regardless of Hulu’s stated goals and objectives, several million dollars of ad spending is an insignificant rounding error, and nowhere near a “big chunk of broadcast TV dollars”.  So Hulu hasn’t really drawn much nearer to its goal.

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