According to that latest Nielsen Online data, Hulu’s March had its plusses and minuses.  Our friends at NewTeeVee have the skinny:

According to Nielsen, March was a mixed bag for Hulu. The site held on to the No. 2 spot, and served up more streams (348.5 million) – but to fewer unique viewers (8.8 million) than February (308 million streams to 9.4 million viewers).


Nielsen warns against comparing stats month-to-month because of the refinements it makes to its data collection process, and you’ve got to take any third-party numbers with a grain of salt. With that in mind, while YouTube and the overall online video usage stats were up in March over February — February is a short month, and both were down in March compared to January.

click over to NewTeeVee to read the full story and see the data tables

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