Recently, as news of the broadcast primetime show cancellations have sunk into the mass of fans who’ve not been keeping up with our Renew / Cancel Index and Bubble Watch posts, my email, and our comments spam filter have been filled with all manner of “Save Our Show” efforts focused around posting to a Facebook page for a particular cancelled show.

Posting a comment to a Facebook page has no more chance to save a cancelled show than all manner of other nonsense, but the rise of Facebook SoS efforts certainly seems like fans have gotten lazy in their quixotic quests. I should add that there is the occasional “retweet this link” nonsense SoS effort on Twitter, but they, in my anecdotal experience, are far outnumbered by Facebook efforts.

Where is the entertainment value?

Where is the money wasting?

[Cue appropriate old man voice] Back in my day, we had to walk 73 miles to the post office, in a blizzard, uphill, to mail in our assorted crap to the networks in our futile efforts to save our cancelled TV shows.

Kids these days!


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